Jim DeMint and Mike Lee – Conservative Brothers or EnergySolutions Stooges?

Every chance Mike Lee gets on the campaign trail he touts the endorsement of the senator from South Carolina, Jim DeMint. He claims they are constitutional conservatives that will bring conservatism back to the Federal Government. But is Mike Lee really telling us the whole truth about their conservative brotherhood? It seems they also share someone very important in their lives: EnergySolutions. Mike Lee is the lead attorney for EnergySolutions attempt to thwart the 10th Amendment and import foreign nuclear waste into Utah. EnergySolutions operates two commercial low-level radioactive waste (LLRW) disposal facilities—one in South Carolina and the other in Utah. Both facilities dispose of waste from commercial and government generators.

Jim DeMint has enjoyed the spoils of EnergySolutions. In FEC disclosures by ENERGYSOLUTIONS, INC. FUND FOR EFFECTIVE GOVERNMENT (ENERGYSOLUTIONS PAC), Senator DeMint received $6,000 from 2007 and 2010

Mike Lee is also receiving the spoils of Jim DeMint. His PAC has raised close to $100K for Mike Lee’s campaign. https://senateconservatives.com/mikelee

So the question you have to ask yourself, if Mike Lee goes back to Washington, will he be working to keep foreign nuclear waste out of our state or will he vote with Jim DeMint, he faithful fundraiser, to allow the importation of foreign nuclear waster into Utah?


Mike Lee Campaign – The Department of Misinformation

The dirty tricksters over at the Mike Lee campaign are at it again. It started yesterday with a blistering hit piece from their national blogger Erik Erickson, who is trying to make a name for himself with the Utah Senate Campaign. He posted an article claiming Tim Bridgewater was supporting Mexican Drugs Lords.  The article is completely false and Mike Lee’s camp should have come out against it. But instead, they plotted early morning yesterday on how to get these lies out to the public without making it look like it was coming from them. The Blog “Citizen Senate Watch” posted the email thread yesterday. Take a look. It is quite interesting how the minds of the ultra-right think. The ends always justify the means.

—– Forwarded message —–
From: “Marie N.”
Date: Mon, Jun 14, 2010 9:45 am
Subject: [ufiretalk] 11 month old victim of ID theft
I went to read the story and it does sound consistent with what I heard Tim saying. I’ll have to see if that was one of the few times I actually recorded the meeting I was at. The one problem I see in the article is that there is a date attached to the funding, but no date attached to when the US govt began to suspect the named beneficiary as being involved w/ drug trafficking. I wonder if the funding was given prior to any concern. That would be a leap, then, to tie the funding to Tim. But as the article points out, one of the many concerns I had was just why had Tim thought funding low-income housing in Mexico using US funds was really a good thing for America. I am curious to see what you are able to discover on this Russell.
On Mon, Jun 14, 2010 at 9:38 AM, Russell Sias <RussellSias@gmail.com> wrote:
Found the author, sent him a message. Will see what happens.
On Mon, Jun 14, 2010 at 9:31 AM, Marie N. wrote:
I am always cautious of things like this coming up so close to the primary date. I am a strong supporter of Mike Lee, but I agree with Russell in proceeding with caution without it being verified. I don’t recall this being brought up in any of my investigating of Tim or Mike. The closest thing I heard was when I was in a meeting where Tim was defending his business practice of seeking government funding for his clients. He talked about one project where funds were received was for low-income housing in Mexico, and said this was good for America because rather than have them come here they could stay in their own country. I just thought that was an odd thing to “brag” about, because why do we need to build low-income housing in Mexico? Perhaps this project ended up being tied into the drug trafficker? Again, it’s all so speculative unless you confirm things. I think it is best to make our decision about our next senator based on substantive facts. Definitely look into this, as it would be a concern, but don’t hold it against anyone without substantiation. This coming from a strong supporter of Mike Lee. 😉
Marie Nuccitelli, registered and active voter
Strong Supporter of Mike Lee for US Senate 2010
On Mon, Jun 14, 2010 at 9:18 AM, Russell Sias wrote:
Good grief! If this is true, Tim should be toast. Mike cannot bring it up either.
Can we verify this information? Arnold, do you know the outfit turning out this info? Can you contact them, and pursue verification of this? It HAS TO BE verified. If it isn’t verified, then it can’t be used.
Whether or not it is usable, the Lee campaign can’t be the one to break this as an issue, it would only hurt their effort. This needs done very carefully – and by a non-Lee campaign connection. (Throwing rocks like this usually only hurts a campaign, whether true or not.)
On Mon, Jun 14, 2010 at 5:27 AM, Arnold Young wrote:
this site says that Bridgewater got US loans for a mexican drug trafficker. can anyone verify this. the accusation came from Red State who is usually pretty accurate.
Arnold Young
Cell 801-372-1585

my website arnoldyoung.info
or Freedomcalling.info

Problems with Mike Lee’s Latest FEC Filing

As previously noted Mike Lee filed his previous FEC report 21 days late and disputed on a radio program the amount of money he earned in 2009 that he reported to the FEC.

After Mike Lee files the latest quarterly report, the FEC asks for Mike Lee’s clarification on 6 items  2 days AFTER THE ELECTION– one of those errors is that he doesn’t disclose where his 25,000 dollar loan comes from.  I don’t know if you remember swallow vs bridgewater but swallow in his campaign against matheson dumped 100,000 dollars into his coffer as a loan and it turned out he did a shady deal of selling a painting valued well below that to a supporter to spend more money.

Look at the FEC filing and note that they have asked for more information from the Lee campaign, including on loans.  The reporting deadline is June 24, which means that they will not report before the primary unless prompted.

The FEC letter requesting more information is here:


Mike Lee suggests troops should join peace corp.

Looks like a new and more offensive video is on Youtube.

The Perfect Lawyer: Mike Lee working both sides of an issue

There has been a lot of debate during this Senate campaign about nuclear waste. It was hard to pin down Mike Lee on how he felt about nuclear testing. He first said it should be allowed and then he said he was against it. We really aren’t sure where he stands on it today.

Being on both sides of issues must be common place for Mike Lee. In 2005, Mike was hired by Gov. Jon Huntsman to be his general counsel. During that time, Mike worked with Governor Huntsman to prevent EnergySolutions from bringing foreign nuclear waste into our state. While Counsel For Huntsman, Lee was part of the efforts to prevent the State Legislature from stripping the Governor of approval authority over the EnergySolutions site.

“Lee played key roles on two nuclear waste issues the state was struggling with during those years: the state government’s fight to prevent a storage site for spent reactor fuel from being opened at the Skull Valley Goshute Indian Reservation and efforts to prevent the state Legislature from stripping the governor of approval authority over the EnergySolutions site.” (Judy Fahys, “EnergySolutions Sues To Block Panel’s Say On Waste,” The Salt Lake Tribune, 5/7/08)

Mike Lee was against private fuel storage. “I have long vowed to assist the Governor in his efforts to fight private fuel storage and to continue fighting until private fuel storage is dead…it was hard to leave before that was done.” (Lisa Riley Roche, “Guv’s ‘General’ Leaves For Supreme Court,” Deseret Morning News, 7/30/06)

But magically, after he left the Governor’s office and went to work for a high priced DC Law Firm, Mike Lee discovered that EnergySolutions would pay a ton of money if he could use his Constitutional expertise to get foreign waste into the state of Utah. In 2008, EnergySolutions attempted to dispose of dismantled nuclear reactors from Italy in Utah. Mike Lee, listed as the lead attorney on the case, filed suit in Federal Court to allow EnergySolutions to import this nuclear material and store it in Utah. Huntsman’s spokesperson said he was “Highly Disappointed” with Lee’s involvement, but the state isn’t backing down on the Italy waste. (Judy Fahys, “EnergySolutions Sues To Block Panel’s Say On Waste,” The Salt Lake Tribune, 5/7/08)

The State of Utah doesn’t want this material. The 10th Amendment protects our right to keep it out. I guess the Constitution doesn’t apply when you get paid a bunch of money by your client you once fought against.

Do we really know where Mike Lee will stand on the important issues? He claims he will always look to the Constitution before he votes on a issue. But the EnergySolutions case proves that Mike Lee will interpret the Constitution in order to benefit himself. We don’t need another lawyer in Washington that will work both sides of issues.

Mike Lee and his bag of dirty tricks

The Friends of Mike Lee (aka Mke Lee’s campaign) sent out this hack job of a mailer. It attacks Tim Bridgewater, calling him a Lobbyist and distorting the facts about his business interests. Take a look at the mailer for yourself.
Mike Lee mailer front
Mike Lee Mailer Back

The ironic thing about this piece is it really shows how pathetic Mike Lee’s campaign has become over the past month. Lets break down the mailer.

It claims Tim Bridgewater was a lobbyist. This has been explained multiple times. He was included on a lobbyist report by the Thai Frozen Food Industry. He never did the lobbying and Lew Cramer, the real lobbyist who is on every disclosure document related to Thai Frozen Food Industry, has stated that Tim was never a lobbyist. The Friends of Mike Lee fail to mention that Mike Lee has MULTIPLE complaints filed AGAINST him with the Lt. Governor office regarding his lobbyist activity. You can read the other blog entries to know more about Mike Lee, the REAL lobbyist. Don’t you find it funny that Mike lists his qualification for being a Senator as being a clerk for Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito? Why wouldn’t Mike List all his clients that made him over $650,000 last year? Wouldn’t that be impressive to show how he became wealthy showing his constitutional prowess? Is he ashamed of his clients?

He then attacks Bridgewater on companies that accepted earmarks. Tim has been outspoken about eliminating earmarks. They are wrong and the government shouldn’t be taking taxpayer money and distributing it to others. But where does Mike want to draw the line on what a company can and can’t do with government money? Mike represents a company called EnergySolutions. They have government contracts to dispose of nuclear waste. Is it wrong for Mike to represent a company that takes government money? What about all the defense contractors? Should we be attacking Lockheed Martin, Northrup Grumond, and Boeing for accepting federal dollars? This simple-minded attack shows Mike’s lack of business expertise. Mike’s $650,000 salary has been paid by private companies that have accepted government money. To put it into an argument that we can all understand, most conservatives don’t agree with Social Security, but when we retire, we aren’t going to refuse the checks in the mail because ideologically the federal government should never have created such a program.

The next point of the mailer was that Tim helped a foreign company get government grants. It seems hypocritical when he represents EnergySolutions attempt to bring in foreign nuclear waste into this state. Mike has stated that the reason why it should be allowed is that EnergySolutions needs to create a relationship with the Italian Government so they can expand into Italy and create a disposal site there. So Utahns have to accept Italy’s waste so Mike Lee and EnergySolutions can make more money. It appears that a self-proclaimed constitutional expert forgot about the 10th Amendment. Utah has the right to say no to foreign nuclear waste. We don’t want the Federal Courts telling us what we have to have stored in our state.

The last point of his mailer is by far the most ironic. Mike Lee attacking a businessman using exaggerations about his business practices. Has Mike Lee ever created a job, made a payroll, dealt with government regulations on businesses? Does he understand how health care costs are choking small businesses? Mike Lee has no real world business experience. Just remember, you don’t get a 2,700 page bill from a businessman, you get it from a lawyer.

The friends of Mike Lee are running a dirty campaign because they don’t have anything left in the tank. A lawyer with simplistic solutions can only take you so far in a campaign. There only way to get momentum is to attack the opponent. They have also created a website using these exaggerated “facts”. They will stop at nothing to try and discredit Tim. It isn’t working because you can’t use lies to discredit people.

Lawmakers say Lee acted as lobbyist

Lawmakers say Lee acted as lobbyist

Politics » He says state official told him he did not need to register.
By Thomas Burr
The Salt Lake Tribune
Updated: 06/04/2010 07:01:31 AM MDT

Two state senators say unequivocally that Mike Lee lobbied lawmakers on behalf of 1-800-Contacts last year, a revelation that might cause problems for the now-U.S. Senate challenger who never registered with the state as a lobbyist.
Sen. Steve Urquhart, who favored the Draper-based company’s bill, said he was “100 percent” sure Lee lobbied on behalf of the measure during the 2009 session on more than one occasion.
“He actually was a pretty good lobbyist; he had some effectiveness,” said Urquhart, R-St. George, who backed Sen. Bob Bennett in the Republican Convention battle and has not endorsed either of the two GOP primary candidates. “I was quite surprised to learn — I just learned a couple weeks ago — that he never registered.”
Lee listed 1-800-Contacts as one of his clients at his law firm in his personal financial disclosure for last year.
State law defines a lobbyist as someone “communicating with a public official for the purpose of influencing the passage, defeat, amendment or postponement of legislative or executive action.”
That description, state Sen. Dan Liljenquist says, matches the action he saw during the 2009 session; Liljenquist, who opposed the 1-800-Contacts bill, is also neutral in the U.S. Senate race.
“If you go off of your description, I was being persuaded to vote for the bill and I was not persuaded,” Liljenquist, R-Bountiful, said Thursday after being read the law. “He came up, he advocated for a bill and he did a good job. … He met with several people over several days in the Senate lounge.”
Mark Thomas, Lieutenant Governor’s Office administrator, confirmed his office had received a complaint regarding the allegations and said it is being reviewed. State law allows for a $1,000 fine for each violation of the lobbyist act plus a fine of up to $5,000 for subsequent breaches.
Lee has made an issue during the campaign for Bennett’s seat of opponent Tim Bridgewater’s previous registration as a lobbyist for a foreign corporation; Bridgewater did register with Congress for two years on behalf of the Thai Frozen Food Association.
Lee’s spokesman, Boyd Matheson, dismissed the accusations that Lee should have registered, noting that Lee met with then-state elections director Michael Cragun before the 2009 session and was informed that answering questions about the bill’s constitutionality wouldn’t trigger a need to register as a lobbyist.
“This is really nothing more than a last-minute attempt, two weeks before the [primary] election, by Bridgewater’s henchman, Urquhart, to smear Mike over an action that he cleared with the Lieutenant Governor’s Office a year ago and I think the timing is both suspect and a little unseemly,” Matheson said. “I think the voters will see through it. I think it’s really just a thinly veiled attempt to hide Bridgewater’s own record of lobbying in D.C., which he did for foreign companies.”
1-800-Contacts general counsel, Joe Zeidner, said Thursday that the company asked Lee about this issue and was assured that he had met with Cragun and didn’t need to register because he only worked on behalf of the company to answer questions about the constitutionality of the measure.
Retired federal judge Paul Cassell worked in the same capacity, Zeidner said. Cassell didn’t register either as a lobbyist.
For his part, Bridgewater says that while he was registered to lobby Congress, he never did and only referred a consulting client to a D.C. firm. Bridgewater adds that Lee is mischaracterizing his previous work.
“I think Mike’s attack piece, some parts of it are false, some parts of it are misleading and I don’t want to get down in the gutter with dirty, negative attack politics,” Bridgewater said. “I think voters deserve better than that and we’re going to run a strong campaign focused on the issues.”
The bill Lee purportedly lobbied for would have restricted using trademarked terms to pinpoint online ads through services like Google AdWords in Utah. It was defeated during the 2009 session.

What law did Lee Violate?